Installation of Interstitial Ad:

  • Upload the interstitial ads addon to the “addons” folder in XYZ Admarket script.
  • In the “Manage Addons” page please activate the Interstitial Addon. (see image)interstitial
  • Now you can setup the Interstital settings and click update. (see image) interstitial-settings
  • The Interstitial ads addon is now ready to use.

Advertiser Need To:

  1. Create a new Intertitial ad by selecting Ads > Create Ad > Adtype : Interstitialinterstitial-Advertiser 
  2. Enter the Name > Select Banner Size > Choose Banner > Enter the Click Url
  3. In the CPM Rate and Budget Settings, Enter the CPM Rate (Rate for 1000 impressions) > CPM Budget for the ad > CPM Daily Budget and click the “Create Ad” button.
  4. The Interstitial Ad is now ready. On approval, you need to activate the ad. interstitial-activate
  5. Go to “Pricing” and click on the activate button. Please do if the ad status is active. On activation, the CPM budget will be deducted from the advertiser account.
  6. Id advertiser want to add keywords, select locations, devices etc., please select the respective sections.

Publisher Need To:

  1. Create a new Interstital Ad Code by selecting Adcodes > Create > Select Adcode Type : Interstitial interstitial-Publisher
  2. Enter the Adcode Name > Select Locale > Select Adblock
  3. Now click in the “Create Adcode” button.
  4. Now you will get an ad display code interstitial-Ad display code
  5. Copy the Interstitial Adcode and paste it inside the body content of the page. (<body>Enter the Interstital Adcode Here</body>)

interstitial-Ad code in body



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