XYZ Email Manager supports multilanguage.

You can change the language by simply editing the messages in your language.

You can edit all text messages and labels in the ’labels.php‘ and ‘messages.php‘ files in ‘locale/en_US‘ folder.

At present all the messages and labels are in English.

Consider if you want to change the language to French (français),  open the files labels.php and messages.php and change the labels and messages in English to French (français).

For example, if you want to change the label “Code Preview” to French (français), change the code as follows.

$label['code_preview']=’Code Preview’;   to

$label['code_preview']=’code Extrait’;

In the same way you can change the message

$message['mandatory']=’Please fill in mandatory fields.’;  to

$message['mandatory']=’S'il vous plaît remplir les champsobligatoires.’;

in French (français).




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