The steps are given below.

1. Please go to the plugin settings page and enable the scheduling of the automatic publishing.



2. Set the maximum number of posts to be processed per cron. (If you set 1, one a single execution it will send only one post to social media)

3. Set the minimum delay for publishing posts. (If you set 0, the post is scheduled instantly and if you set delay 1 minute, the post is scheduled after 1 minute of the post published.)

4. Now you need to create a new cron job in your server. The cron command is given in the same page.

cron command


5. In the cron command please teh frequency of 1 hour or as per your requirement.

6. It will publish automatically when the cron runs in the server.

Setting up the cron job in a cpanel is given in

Setting up the cron/scheduled task in a plesk panel is given in


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