We are using MVC (Model View Control) Framework for the XYZ Email Manager script.

The Private labeling/customization is easy in this framework.

We are using template files for all the public pages.

The template files are available in the ‘views‘ folder.
You can find the template corresponding to a page by its link address.

For example if you want to edit the page ‘Create List‘, the demo address to that page is http://demo.xyzscripts.com/xyz_email_manager/index.php?page=list/create

Here the template file is ‘create.php‘ in ‘views/list‘ folder.
That is, the path, ‘page=list/create’ is ‘create.php’ in ‘list’ folder.

You can edit the create.php file in views/list folder for any design modifications in the ‘Create List’ page.




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