First you need to create your contact form from XYZ Contact > Contact Forms (Contact Form manager) or XYZ WP Form > Contact Forms (XYZ WP Contact Form)

You can also use the existing contact forms.

Now in the XYZ Contact > Contact Forms page you can see the newly created contact form and its short code.

Please copy this short code and paste in your contact page.

While creating the new contact form, you can create many fields based on the element tags. You can create text fields, email fields, text area, captcha, file upload, date picker etc.

Select the element tag and you can create a code based on the element tag. You can use this code in the Forms section to create a new contact form.

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★ Hidden field ★ Numeric field ★ Rich Text field ★ Contact Request Tracking ★ Placeholder ★ Visitor Information Tracking ★ Configurable custom error messages etc.

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