Following are the steps which help you to create your Client ID, Client Secret and Developer API Key.

1. Go to the Google Console page, and create a new project.

2. Now in the popup enter your project name can click the “Create” button.

3. It will create a new project and redirect you to the project dashboard.

4. Now go to the APIs & auth > Consent Screen and enter the product name and other details.

google api consent screen

5. Now go to the APIs & auth >credentials page and click on the “Create New Client ID” button.

6. Here select the web application and enter your site name in Authorized JavaScript origins and the redirect URI in the Authorized redirect URIs section and click the “Create Client ID” api create client id

 7. Now click on the “Create New Key” button in the Public API Access section and select the “Browser Key”. (No need of entering any website here.)
google api create api key
8. The google api keys area ready now. Here the API key is the developer key.
google api keys

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